We cultivate opportunities by understanding needs, creating connections, and empowering individuals.


Just as roots strengthen, stabilize, and nourish a tree, our ROOTS guide every decision we make.


We treat others better than they expect to be treated.


We take responsibility for outcomes.


We seek long-term growth.


We build strength through partnerships.


We give and gratefully receive honest feedback.








Three Arizona natives - Marcus Ridgway, Tom Stapley, and Dallas Tanner - came together with the belief that quality lifestyles can be built in manufactured housing communities. And they went to work.

Building communities was difficult, yet still, so rewarding and fun that Dallas started calling their little office “the Treehouse." The name stuck.


Treehouse grew to include nine small all-age manufactured housing communities. These communities housed everything from RV’s to double section homes to park model homes.

During these years, Tom, Marcus, Dallas, and a growing team, learned management at the community level - working daily with residents and getting to know the business from the ground up.


With property management experience, the Treehouse Group grew to include single-family home rentals.

"We learned during this time we learned that creating experiences for residents, opened opportunities and made them happier. We hosted rental orientations for new residents and gifted resident welcome packages,” remembers Marcus.


Tom and Marcus began expanding the manufactured housing business by moving new homes into communities, filling empty spaces, and providing communities with on-site support.

With this concentrated focus on manufactured housing, Treehouse became Treehouse Communities.

2018 & Beyond

Every day it is exciting to see how Treehouse’s mission continues to bring people together in communities across the United States. And in the past year the growth has been exponential!

From 2018 to 2019, Treehouse Communities has grown from 20 to 59 manufactured housing communities and from 10 to 156 employees.

Climb the ladder and come into the Treehouse.

You’ll love the view.



What is it like to live in a Treehouse Community?

Treehouse Communities are all about lifestyle. Minimize fixed costs. Maximize life.

It looks like this - deck out your home while enjoying time for hobbies, local attractions, and community socials. With all there is to do in the day, you will be grateful for the armchair in your living room to welcome you home.

Can I afford to retire in a Treehouse Community?

Even if you’ve never saved for retirement, many of our residents find that they can retire and live in one of our manufactured home communities at a fraction of the price of other housing options. Whether it’s a park model, single section, or double section, we’ll help you find the home and community that suits you.

Call (480) 426-0812 and we’ll see what we can make happen. Our sales teams work magic.

I’ve heard a rumor that Treehouse now does rentals?

You heard right! Rentals are great for those who want to try out Treehouse Communities for a season. But fair warning - once you come, you won’t want to leave. If you’re considering renting, give us a call and we’ll chat rentals! (480) 426-0812.

How long until I could be living in a Treehouse Community?

It all depends on when you pick up the phone or come drop-by one of our fantastic communities. Some residents are able to move in within (days) of viewing one of our communities. We’d love to show you the great options we have in store for you. But nothing happens until you reach out.

What can I do at a Treehouse Community?

Close your eyes. Imagine sunshine, birds chirping, friendly neighbors, and freedom to do whatever you have in mind that day.

If that picture is clear in your mind, your job is done. Our job is to make your dream a reality - a dream so real that you can feel the smile spreading across your face. And guess what? You actually can. From swimming pools to recreation centers to pickleball courts, each community has an abundance of amenities, events and activities on the schedule for today. All that’s missing is you.

What is an age-qualified community?

Also known as a 55+ community, these properties are reserved for individuals who are 55 and over, and they feature amenities and programs that these residents love.

How can I see available homes?

All available homes for sale and rent are listed on our website. Click right here and we’ll take you to your new home!

Where can I learn more about the communities?

Each community has its own page with details about community culture, amenities, the local area, and available units. To get a peak - click right here.

I have a question not answered here. Who can I talk to?

Call (480) 966-5454 and talk with the lovely Joshelyn. She knows everyone and everything.

Even if you don’t have a question - you should probably still call her. She really does know how to make your day.

Do I need to know the secret knock to get into the Treehouse?

No, the Treehouse doesn’t have a door, so come on in! If you need the code for a gate though, call this number (480) 966-5454.

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