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Open the door to the happiest and most fulfilling decades of retirement

You make the Golden Years look good.

These are the years when you finally experiement with those art lessons, get back into your exercise routine, start a garden, or even lead out in a community activity. These are the years you shine! And there are countless activities and amenities to support you on your way.

Below is a small sample of the many group activites and amenities found throughout our communities.


Pet Park

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Peek into the adventures our residents have embarked upon during their retirement years.


Came to visit my grandparents here. Very clean and well kept. Seems like a very nice place. My grandparents love living there and have never heard anything but good about this place.

-Christopher Jones

It is a nice place thanks.

-Darryl Rossell

Very nice and quiet place. People are very friendly.

-Jeremy Angotti

They're enforcing the rules now and they've cleaned up the park. This place is not looking like it used to. It looks 100% better.


I love this property. I love the people around. It's my new forever home.

-Michele Mazella

We stayed there in our RV coach for 3 months. Ann and Jim, the managers of the park, are very, very helpful and very nice. Doug also helped with the maintenance of the park. They have a clean pool and all the residents are very nice. A special shout-out to Dan who was very helpful and Eddie who kept the place safe.

-Mary A. Trejo

Very nice. Everyone is so friendly

-Matthew Benson

Mobile home and RV Park Living. Second time staying here. Love the staff, the office manager is kind... It's in a great part of Mesa, accessible to almost all areas within 15 minutes. I feel safe here.


Nice pool.

-George Zaiser

Great park, lots of great people, peaceful. They have a laundry with 6 washers and dryers, a huge clubhouse where they have activities like bingo, bands, dancing, pot luck and coffee and doughnuts... shuffleboards, a game room with 3 pool tables and tv, a library and tv and free wifi in these areas. There are restrooms with showers for RVers. They also have a heated pool. Very quiet community in a great location with great amenities!

-Glenhaven Estates Resident

I live there, the staff is great. And it's convenient to all types of stores as it is right on the bus line and the rail is 1/2 mile away. Aces in my book!


My mom stays there when she is in town. Mom says she feels safe and the management and staff are very helpful and respectful. I would recommend this park to anyone.

-Robert Clay

Nice clean place to live.

-Jenn Crain

Well I've lived at New Haven Estates approximately one year and it's absolutely great, the manager takes care of business the right way, it's nice and quiet with a view of the mountains and price per lot is reasonable

-Bobby Fambro

Nice friendly park, but very small. Not for me, but I'm sure others looking for a quaint place would love it!

-Bev Halsel

Quiet park, friendly people, nice management, clean park.

-Lovenia Morrison

Nice park, very friendly residents. Office manager is very friendly.

-Phyllis Boyse

Very quiet place. Background check. Mostly people 50+. Close to shopping centers, churches and markets.

-Jeannette Fitzen

Beautiful views and nicely upkept park at the edge of the desert

-Mari Cummings

Love this place! It's home... peaceful!

-Katerine Nano

Love Brookhaven. Wouldn't want to be any place else but here. Quiet during summer but full of fun and friendly winter visitors. Can't go wrong.

-Pete Sandra Shrader

Great place friendly people.

-Diane Walch

Enjoying our first year in Brookhaven. Looking forward to meeting new friends.

-Mary Mendenhall

Nothing short of fantastic. Management and owner are some of the nicest people you will ever meet. Can't wait to get back and start my tomatoes.

-Robert Rollings

Good long term RV park.

-Rodney Biddle

One of my happy places!

-Sherry Gross

Lovely park great management!!!!!

-Mari Cummings

Awesome park nice and clean maintenance man. Real nice and Angie is an awesome manager.

-Michael Peine

I live here. And must admit that they are very caring and helpful. Overall, I recommend that living here. It is safe and quiet.

-Linda Fugate

I love living at Longhaven Estates!!!!

-Charles Bonet

Love this place. Friends live here. I'm surprised of all the extras given to living here.

-Viola Regalado

Stayed 5 days. Was fast and easy to check in. The park is kept very clean and in excellent condition. The pool, although small, appears to be in good condition. Nice laundry room.

-Pat L.

They are nice. Very quiet.

-Kimmy Cervantes

This place really seems to have it all. I'm not a resident. I'm only a visitor. I could imagine what being a resident here would be like. Great! All kinds of events to participate in. They even have ice cream socials. I don't even know what it is but I'm sure it's great. If I was 55+ I would love to live there.

-Ryan Hunter

This is a nicer gated senior mobile home community in Phoenix. I have several friends who live here as an economical alternative to apartment living, and the property offers many amenities as well such as heated pools, on-site laundry, a lending library, fitness center with weight and aerobic machines, dog parks, a clubhouse that has daily activities such as bingo and karaoke, etc. Small pets are welcome.

-Jeffrey Flynt

We bought a place in the park this year and super excited about our first winter stay. It can't get here soon enough. In the several visits there everyone was so nice. The resort is clean and well cared for. The view the resort has of the mountains is fantastic. The park is small and is what attracted us.

-Deloris Hill

Gorgeous little RV Park with many winter visitors!

-Andrea Johnson

Very clean, well taken care of park. Great people, every yard is clean and nice.

-Carrie Parker

Great 55 and above RV park! Lots of activities and they have full amenities! The pool and hot tub are great!

-Robert Gould

This 55+ RV park is small compared to others in the area, but that makes it feel more like a community. You know all your neighbors.

-Thomas Zeigler

Beautiful clan park!! Heated pool, hot tub. Shuffle board, pool room, computer room with library, laundry with credit card for washers & dryers. Very good dryers, one cycle drys even a load of jeans. Post boxes for mail kitchen with activity room. Two gazebo areas. Pet park. Very friendly staff!!!


Nice place well kept up

-R Hermes

I love where I live

-Gina Virrazzi

Looks like a clean park and it's very quiet.

-Jason Weinfurtner

Love the park

-Angel Mink

Visited January and March last year and now April of this year. Park and pool are well maintained and clean. Friendly residents, very relaxed atmosphere and many activities to enjoy.

-Linda Johnson

Beautiful place. Lots of amenities & very quiet, too!

-Gina Virrazzi

Great place to spend the winter. Good views.

-Debbie Strevey

My friends live in this park and everyone is pretty nice.

-Toni Ritchie

Very clean, quiet, friendly park

-Carrie Parker

A mostly park model gated park with a few full hookup RV spaces. Very friendly. It has a pool, clubhouse, exercise room, laundry, library and small fenced pet area. Close to restaurants and shopping. Reasonable rate.

-Cindy Bare

A great place to live!

-Anita Burns

Great park very clean

-Eli Hoadley

This is a very well maintained park. The managers are friendly and very helpful. There are lots of activities and the park is close to shopping and the Superstition mountains.

-Donna Wade

We have been here since December 1st and love the park! There is always something to do!.. Clean and well kept! Will be back next year!

-Julie Dray

Great park. Excellent owners and fantastic manager. Waiting impatiently until our return in the fall.

-Betty Graham

Friendliest park in the valley!! Excellent owners and management!

-Doreen Lang

Well maintained. Friendly office staff. I like what I hear.

-Frank Rogan

I love this park. It is neat and clean and quiet. Most of the residents are very friendly.

-Karen Ruth

We're a small community and everyone pretty much knows everyone here. We have fun. Lots of music available and dancing.

-Bonnie Dubinska

Friendly staff and neighbors

-Sandra Paris

Nice people


Wonderful friendly place to spend my winters. The park managers are very nice people and are always helpful!

-Terrence Robbins

Very clean. Friendly people.

-Lynda Pospisil

Community swimming pool. Friendly neighbors.

-Pacific Manor Resident

Nice homes, well-maintained, very helpful staff. Great pool.

-Cindy Hanner

Pacific Manor is a wonderful park

-Del & Irene Schroh

Very quiet and peaceful park that's close to everything in town.

-Pat Kincaid

Cute park. Manager is very helpful

-Nancy Hohn

Great people, loads of activities to choose from. Nice park amenities. We love pool and hot tub. Weekly dinners and dances if you want to participate... We have met very friendly people here and we like the fact we are close to stores that we can walk or bicycle to.

-Letitia Nicholson

Many of the same amenities as nearby RV resorts but not inflated in price...This place is very practical. People work together here...Large percentage of Canadians Michigan Chicago Minnesota.

-Christopher Christmann

Nice size park, not too big nor too small. Many planned events to be part of. Great staff. This park is set back from Main Street. There are several stores close by.

-Rickey Krautheim

Very friendly well-kept location with a clean pool

-Krystle Raymond

Great folks here! My husband's band...Exit 40...played here and they were so appreciative...we had a blast!!

-Norma Gerhardt

Quiet, friendly, lots of activities.

-Therese Anne Martin

Nice friendly residents, grounds are kept neat and clean, always something to keep you busy. Keep up the good work!

-John Gerecke

Peaceful and staff is great. Well maintained.

-Dean Colwill

Great resort, great price, great people. Plenty of amenities. New to the neighborhood, but pleased and would recommend it.

-Robin Sipe

If I was to live in a park this would be the one. Quaint. Nice people great management.

-Jeff Davis

Great people and lots of amenities

-Bonnie Singleheart

Great community for active seniors

-William Hammer

Very nice resort. Lots of friendly people.

-Larry Damm

Everything was beautiful and really like the area.

-Melanie Angel

Very nice 55+ community. All of the residents seem very nice. This is a smaller community. You can see the pride in the way that everyone keeps their property.

-Rob Gozzer

We looked at a number of mobile home parks and liked the El Rio De Oro the best. It is a smaller older community, good location, clean, quiet, and friendly. The lot rent is less than some of the bigger parks and the homes are not packed together like a can of sardines. The outdoor living aspect is better than most and the views are fantastic.

-Rod Dombek

Well appointed and maintained.

-John Slavik

Friendly community for 55+

-Roy Thorp

My parents love the place

-Kirk Viera

Looking for comfort with affordable prices? This place is for you!

-Richard Edwards

Very nice people and very clean place

-Jose Perez

Just another pleasant experience to share

-Anthony King

Awesome park nice and clean. Maintenance man real nice and Angie an awesome manager

-Michael Peine

Great place to do as much, or little, as you like. Sun, sun and palm trees! A safe and friendly community too. I can't wait to go back!

-David Lorelie

The people, the weather, the family atmosphere, accessibility to all shopping in the area and so much more!

-Barb Gulka

I have lived here 7 years and since that time 5 of my friends have moved here and others have asked me to let them know when there is a vacancy.


I like the serenity of it.


I like living here and I think others may also.

-Susan Floyd

Nice clean place

-Dean Trompeter

I like the location - close to stores, malls etc. Also in residential neighborhood... on Sunday, it is so quiet and peaceful


Wonderful place for winter living.

-Gladys Gakle

Really nice people. Very clean. Well maintained

-Doreen Wassil

Nice people here. Homey

-Deborah Rosales

Very nice manager, residents and very clean well kept park.

-Paula Christen

Well run. Quiet. Great rates.

-Kasey Tyler

Well! I was pleasantly suprised! Not only do they have a nice vew pool, there are tow! A library, pool hall/rec room and laundry and a fitness gym... The management are great from what I can tell so far and everyone, Rich, Clinton, and Julie are doing their best to keep all of us happy. I am so thrilled to finally be in a safe community and my adult children can rest their heads at night knowing I am around good people. Everyone I have met so far is awesome.


Cool folks who I know did something awesome for a veteran in need there.


It's getting better

-Quinn Weiss

Beautiful and clean park. Professional staff. Was treated very well.

-Jeff Grays

Really liking it here. Nice amenities and with a first-timer price, you can't beat it.

-Jim Buda

It's a very quiet place to live, a clean place to live, and close to a Bashas grocery store, a Denny's restaurant, and a little strip mall that is across the street. Very nice people live here, and we look out for each other.

-Enola Barnard

It appears that this park is trying to do some upgrades... I see a new seal coat and a few new homes... Good to know there are still owners that care about their property.

-Monique Pew

New homes are here! Several improvements upcoming. Royal will be the place to be. Awesome community. Awesome residents.

-Kim Jones

Brighthaven is a lively park. The winter activities are lots of fun. Always something going on with this energetic lively park. Great staff, regular winter visitors from all over. Love it here, and will be back as it's a great RV park!!

-Julie Tomasi

The staff is attentive and very helpful.

-DJ O'Neal

It's a good place to live. Nice and quiet

-Claire Dupuis

Great place to live!!

-Susan Alaursen

Looks like a nice park. Some nicer parks in the area but the price is much better here. Office staff seems very pleasant.

-Sue Raichle

Living here now and love it!! Just moved my Father in next door!!

-Greg Hoddy

I lived 10 years in Brighthaven Estates. Very quiet. Very clean. Heated swimming pool. Party at the clubhouse. Managers are understanding - they are great.

-Debbie Truesdale

Always clean. Very calming atmosphere.

-Marianne Bond

Newly remodeled, looks awesome! Facilities are clean and well kept, great maintenance crew, all kinds of activities in the club house, tenants are friendly.. the property manager is a doll.


This is a nice place to live. The staff is outstanding. I'm glad I moved here

-Chuck Eberhardt

Just moved my moma in here. Love the staff here. Park is clean and quiet, and the staff at Treehouse Corporate Office are amazing... Community here is quiet and clean and there's a dog park my mom loves that...very content with my decision to move my mom into Parkhaven.


Very friendly

-Dennis Fodor

We have new management, they are awesome. New owners too. The park is gorgeous. Pools and hot tubs are open 24/7. That's one of the reasons why most of us moved here. It's fantastic. New residents are friendly and fun. We miss our Canadian friends. I've lived here 8 years and absolutely LOVE this park.

-Luann Glass

Nice single trailer home. Nice neighborhood.

-Jenna Jaden

Very nice place to live in safety

-Ann McDowell

Parkhaven just keeps improving. Definitely better managed than our first visits in 2005 and 2006; and 2008 and 2009. Highly recommend to our friends.

-Brenda Baldeckseubert

Great managers and great neighbors

-Michael Letcher

Sundowner is a nice clean park. I like it because it's kept clean and quiet. It is close to everything you need.

-James Scott

Stayed there last year for 3 months. It's a great place and great management! Paul and Christy will help you with any problem. Will be back at the end of this year and am looking forward to it!

-Mike Moonman

We have never seen this place look as good as it does now. The managers, Paul and Christy, treat us well and are easy to talk to. They are wonderful.


The management is great. My parents are buying a trailer there. They have all sorts of amenities!

-Coral Palladino

Very well kept up. Improvements are happening!! Nice neighbors.

-Tiffiney Stone

Great place to live and helpful and friendly staff.

-John Willett

I wanted to thank the management for all their help and information... I would tell friends about Sundowner and the wonderful manager you have here.

-Kevin Knaus

It has definitely gone up a full star since Christy and Paul have taken over as management. The new owners are doing wonders with the property and the managers making it a "community"

-Bonnie Schmidt

I have been here for 15 years and it has been a very pleasant place to live!

-Eugene Perkins

This is a great mobile home park. Lots of friendly people and they have pretty clean street with a pool and exercise room and a main lobby to just sit in if you don't want to be in your own place at that time.

-Jeremy Quiel

Nice helpful lady at the office

-James Lunsford

This is an amazing home

-BT Smith

Really good management keeps everything perfect and in line.


Great and friendly!

-Stephanie Cuchi

This is a safe, clean, spacious, family friendly, pet friendly, large clean pool, neighbor's friendly, close to schools, churches, Boswell Hospital & Shopping, 1.5 blocks to 1-10 freeway and 4 blocks to Grande Ave.

-Elain George

Property management is excellent

-Alex Basaldua

Nice and quiet. Great location. Well maintained mobile home park. Nice homes.

-Stephanie Stewart

I have been here 5 months... It's an awesome place to stay. The property is kept up, the pool is always clean and well kept, quiet all day and night. I don't even want to leave. If we get to Arizona again, I'm coming here.

-Paradise Valley Ranch Resident

Awesome place to live. Love it there.


Nice place. Managers are great.

-Nancy Hohn

Really nice place with a friendly feel to it.

-Misty Dawn

A nice place and above all very clean and safe place to live.

-Carmen Gonzalez

Great senior mobile home/RV park. Friendly management. Close to shopping and required facilities. Reasonable rent for the area.

-Jack Jenson

Just moved into park. Seems pretty cool and quiet. Pool and hot tub. Nice deck chairs. Could be cleaned but overall clean.

-Ken Freeman

My mother lives here and greatly enjoys it. It's always quiet and never any traffic. Looks very clean as well.

-Tiffany Robbins

Very friendly folks. We have nothing but good things to say. Can't wait to be part of the community "family"

-Arnold Wiggins

I spent 2 nights here while on a business trip. My rental unit was clean and the bed was comfy. I truly appreciated the serenity and peacefulness. The people were very friendly to me.

-Mary Arlington

This place is well maintained, quiet, but friendly residents. The owner, whom I have not yet met is kind; the manager Joyce, with whom I always talk is compassionate, knowledgeable, informative, and helpful. There are high standards in force to protect the residents and keep it clean, safe and very nice. There are laundry facilities on site. There is also free Wifi in the clubhouse. I definitely recommend the Riverest Waterfront Resort as an excellent place to live or visit. I applaud the efforts of the men and women who work here.

-Mary Swingler

Best resort ever!!

-Marti Askin

Fairly pleasant community.


The employees of Treehouse seem to really care about us residents.


It's small and quiet... Most folks are friends and neighbors. It's really kind of country living


Quiet place...enjoyable.

-Sergio Garcia Jr.

Nice community with shopping nearby.

-Miguel Barraza

Nice place to live for 55 and older

-Mikey Rubalcava

Pool. Fixes things quickly.

-Robert Hartley

Quiet peaceful

-Sammy Mizell


-Robert Goldsmith

I enjoy this 55 and older Mobile Home Park so much that I purchased a mobile home here. The management as well as the owner... genuinely appear prepare and make it the best 55 and older park possible. The park contains a heated pool as well as a Jacuzzi a large size Clubhouse activities are available, and the residents are very friendly. I look forward to many more years of enjoyment here.

-Morris Nelson

We have been snowbirds for awhile now and enjoy our winters in AZ. This place has evolved through the years into a fine place to stay. We enjoy the friendships made and the many activities available within the court.

-John & Bonnie Luke

We have been snowbirds for awhile now and enjoy our winters in AZ. This place has evolved through the years into a fine place to stay. We enjoy the friendships made and the many activities available within the court.

-John & Bonnie Luke

We have been snowbirds for awhile now and enjoy our winters in AZ. This place has evolved through the years into a fine place to stay. We enjoy the friendships made and the many activities available within the court.

-John & Bonnie Luke

It's nice and quiet

-Sherry Johnston

Beautiful pool & clubhouse in a very clean park! Great manager!!

-David & Lyn Wade

I live here. It's a nice little family community. Rent is affordable.

-Juana L.

Nice homey environment.

-Bill Cole

We liked it so much that we bought two mobile homes

-Sophia Sanchez

Exceptional, pleasantly informative, generously helpful, kind, thoughtful. They genuinely care for you as a person, allowing one to be comfortable and welcomed into their endlessly beautiful and continuous growth


Quiet. Great staff and the maintenance crew is fast and polite.

-Brenda Burks-Finley

Like this place. Nice and friendly

-Benjamin Dominguez

I have a friend that I always go to visit over here and the experience that she has had and myself are great. The staff are warm and friendly also so helpful and professional. I will be moving over to this community when my lease is up.

-Alyse Smith

The manager is great! She's always ready to fix something and talk to people. I've been here a year, great neighbors, and I love that it's a senior community.

-Octavia Hansen

Nice clean park with friendly people. Good management.

-Philip House

Nice park with larger spacious yards compared to other senior parks


Is very peaceful

-Benito Diaz

Lovely well kept park. Nice people. Great lady in the office. Beautiful place for seniors ot reside.

-Phil Amber

Staff was top of the line with customer service and was extremely helpful and delightful the whole time... I would absolutely recommend this place for any visitors. The location is right off the strip and nearby great casinos and stores and restaurants.

-Maile Rupe

Great for the price. Clean and neat. Friendly customer. I really recommend this place. Close to the strip and big hotels.

-Chris Tian

Beautiful spacious room, comfy bed, balcony, brilliant hot tub, convenient for 'strip', lovely people on reception.

-Martyn McGonagle

Greatest people and they've cleaned the park up. People really want to live here now.

-Karin Lupton

I was just visiting, but it looked clean and well maintained.

-Scott Lazore

Lovely renovations and great looking park.

-Mari Cummings

Sweet quiet place. Would be easy to make it home there.

-Rose Langel

The clubhouse, cozy with kitchen. We had a great time celebrating.

-Theresa Smyth

It's a 55 and over... Quiet, and peaceful.

-Eric Deiner

Clean, friendly and located near everything.

-Steve Gulsby

Clean quiet park and nice community feel!

-Chris Howard

Nice well kept stable park in central Mesa

-John Crosby

A very nice place to live. Very friendly neighbors.

-Ruth Ann Baker

We have been at Mesa Village since December and love this park, the staff and the residents. In the short amount of time we have been here, we have developed friendships that we will cherish for life. We plan on being back next winter.

-Karen Buckner

This is our 2nd winter here and we love it. Cheryl the manager is always there for your needs and is pleasant all the time... Living at Mesa Village is our dream come true.

-Arlette Hartung

It's quiet and safe. A slice of Mayberry in the city.

-Matt Rieder

Very clean well kept up facility.

-Steven Schmidt

Friendly people. Our dog Harley just loves it here.

-Linda Kegler

Loved staying at Mesa Village. We were there from the middle of February to middle of March. We have a 5th wheel trailer and very accommodating! Cheryl was super to work with and residents were welcoming! Plan on coming back to this park next year and staying longer. Amenities were good! Very dog friendly also!


The park is very well-maintained. Management is very professional and courteous. Neighbors are very friendly and watch each other's mobile home. It's a great community with lots of amenities and activities.

-Jennifer Joy

My husband and I have been living here for a year now and I think it's a nice place to be.


Very nice park and nice people. Would like to go back.


A wonderful place! Clean and well cared for. Planned activities.

-Gloria Gussie

Clean community!

-E. Estrada

It is usually quiet, the community is clean, and the people are nice.

-M. Trollinger

Best kept 55+ living in the desert!

-Stacy Maddux

Absolutely a lovely beautiful 55 plus Mobile Home Park with nothing but beautiful green surrounding you. Country clubs. Golf courses. Polo grounds beautiful. Farms lovely. Absolutely I would love to live there!!!

-Angel C. Walker

Great location in a 55 plus community I've lived here for the past 6 years and I'm glad I do live here.

-Beau Texter

Great place to visit

-Erick Coralles

Nice little community

-Minnie Higgins

Top place

-Stewart Brooks

Very well maintained great pride of ownership

-David Lasman

The manager is awesome. Everybody lives in the park is awesome and the swimming pool and jacuzzi and game room is all great. Love this place thank you!


This Home Park is very well maintained and since the park has been purchased by another entity, it has been entirely upgraded.


Wonderful management. Great people & neighbors. If you need a place to settle down this is a great place to start your future!!

-LaVonne Haun

I've been working in this community for over 20 years. They are always improving their infrastructure :) in making it so safe for the residents to live in. I have always enjoyed working with the owners and management, to make this community a safe and enjoyable place to live.

-Tim Feeney

It is great. Lots of mobile homes for sale.

-Jennifer Knapic


-Jorge Luis

Nice place

-Neil Robert

Definite improvement from the previous park owner.

-Terry Marquardt

No comment

-Linda Bolin

Can't speak more highly of Brook who welcomed us somewhat after hours, took exceptional care in locating us and stayed with us to make sure we were comfortable and hooked up to all services! You just don't get this kind of service these days! Site was quiet and we spent four days resting up in our camper-trailer while I recovered from an accident! Very reasonable site fees, great laundry facility, nice people and bent over backwards to accommodate us especially in the Naples area with high demand for camping sites at this time of the year!

-Endless Summer RV Resident

Lots of spaces and adequate room between sites. Concrete patio with picnic tables was a nice bonus. Large dumpsters at end of park for your convenience... Well maintained facility and we even saw workers trimming trees, working on roofs, and fixing up some place and they were very friendly as well.


Great RV park near I-75 near Naples that has good level sites and three point hook ups. Chose this for convenience to access friends and restaurants in Naples and because it is a high quality site that has rules they enforce and good clientele!

-Endless Summer RV Resident

The sites are big enough for any 5th wheel or class a to get into without a problem. The manager Brooke could not be nicer to deal with. Always so helpful on the phone or in person. Actually all the staff are great. Pool is warm and nice size. Many planned activities from ice cream social to bingo and cards to pool activities. A nice central location in Naples area. Easy to get to and close to grocery store, eating places, beach, golf and everglades. We will come here again when we are in this part of the state.

-Jim R

First time at Endless Summer and it was awesome. The management at the park were fantastic. Very helpful and accommodating. Out site was very nice. Electric, water, and sewage hook up easy to access. Lots of activities at the clubhouse. Beautiful pool. The shower and bathroom facilities were clean and roomy. The laundry room was also clean and had 4 dryers and 4 washers. Best of all were the people there. Some live there year round and some for the winter months. We really enjoyed the time we spent with our new friends. They were all great. We were so pleased with Endless summer we will continue to book every year.

-Endless Summer RV Resident

This is a great small park under new management. Awesome people, both running the park and the people staying there. We were welcomed when we arrived by fellow campers.

-Endless Summer RV Resident

Endless Summer is a great RV park!.. There are activities everyday - including water aerobics, cards, games, bingo, and darts. They also hold painting and computer classes and have a social event once a week.

-Endless Summer RV Resident

Lots of activities for people who want to socialize. Highly recommend this park. Management and residents are very friendly.

-Ruth Ann

Endless Summer is a nice quiet park close to so many shops, restaurants, and of course the beach. Had a great time with the residents. They invited us to all the activities in the clubhouse such as bingo and cards. We will visit again next time we are in Naples.

-Jenny A

Very nice campground. Everyone was friendly and the amenities were top notch.

-Amie Shackleton

Great, friendly people. Good Christmas gathering, lots of food.

-Steve Zuck

Very nice place. Great activities.

-Hunter's Run Resident

Stayed several months... The people here were fantastic. Many activities and great facilities. Very convenient to shopping, churches, restaurants and medical facilities. We will return again this winter.

-Del Reynolds

Been there 13 years and couldn't ask for better people and things to do!

-Edgar Simmons

Very nice place. Clean and friendly people. Very large place. I would live there.

-Leonard Curtis

I was very impressed. Well kept grounds and friendly people.

-Greg Beile

Quite serenity, great neighbors, ease of location. There are all kinds of activities to keep anyone busy.

-Vicki Melvin

Awesome place to stay!

-Chris Torres

Nice people live there and a fun place to visit family!

-Kevin Size

We love living here with all the things to do. People are so nice and friendly. It's like going to day camp every day.

-Daphne Johnson

Love that place. The golf field is clean. People are smiling at you when you take a walk.

-Nathalie Audet

Friendly and helpful. Go out of their way to give a helping hand.

-Anthony Loy

Beautiful and off of the busy part of the city.

-Darrell Morvik

Friendly people. Nice golf course. Nice affordable houses.

-Kathy Davis

So far so good. Everyone very nice, very helpful. Ground crew is fantastic.

-David Mosdale

Very nice. Spa resort in a good location easy to find. It's very clean and sparkling. Pool and hot pool available 24/7. A quality destination. Worth a visit

-Bob Garner

Very nice place. Kept clean and very nice people.

-Tami Layson

Love how the new owners and new management have been enhancing the property.

-Lance Druckerman

Friendly people. Nice golf course. Nice affordable houses.

-Kathy Davis

Friendly and helpful. Go out of their way to give a helping hand.

-Anthony Loy

I give the place a 5-star. It's got a beautiful view.

-Gerson Otero

We live here and love the views and the great sunrises on Lake Tarpon!

-Douglas Butterman

Live here. Very peaceful and happy

-Bill Noto

Very friendly, great park manager, would recommend to anyone looking for a great place to live.

-Daniel Brison

Live here, great neighbors, quiet park

-Maureen Thompson

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